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Jannetty Racing's High Performance Laser Alignment Machine

This is our latest upgrade at Jannetty Racing Enterprises, a Hunter 511 4 wheel Computerized laser alignment machine. We specialize in racecar alignments, High Performance Street Car Alignments, Lifted Trucks and more. We have one of the best alignment guys in the state of CT on hand to ensure you get a perfect alignment for your racecar or street car. Our Alignment specialist Tony Cretella has been doing Performance Alignments for 20 years now, There is no Performance Alignment he can't tackle. Custom specifications are our Specialty.

Chassis Dyno

Jannetty Racing Ent, Inc.
Alignment Machine Pricing

We Bill Alignments at 135.00 per hour. We do not flat rate performance alignments due to the fact that certain vehicles require more time then others to get properly aligned.

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