JRE/Rick Bottom SEMA car getting press

XTC 800 As many of you saw the JRE/Rick Bottom Designs XTC 800 Camaro appeared in Restyling Magazine back in October. Now it’s getting more press. The Camaro will also be in Auto Enthusiast Magazine as well as Camaro Now magazine here shortly.

Restyling Magazine gave a great break down of the Camaro and all of the things done to it.

We recommend checking out Rick’s YouTube page for some great video’s of the XTC 800 in action.

Here’s a link to the YouTube Page:


DragDay coming!

Our first DragDay of the year will be held May 25th, 2012. For more details please visit:


JRE 2010/2011 Camaro Return Fuel-System Project

A first for us on the 2010/2011 Camaro, we are building a return-style fuel system.  We are utilizing the new Fore Precision Billet Triple Pump Fuel Hat. Beautiful looking piece and we expect it to perform as good as it looks. The Fuel Pumps will be three Walbro GSS340 pumps controlled by three MSD 2351 Fuel Pump Voltage Boosters. Lots of custom work involved in this system, Nick Dextraze here @ JRE  has worked extremely hard to fabricate this system. As you can see below it looks fantastic and will be an awesome upgrade when it’s done. Here we come 1000+ HP.

Fore Fuel hat for the 2010 Camaro

Fore Fuel Hat with Custom LinesThree MSD Fuel Pump Voltage Boosters controlling the pumpsAeromotive Regulator Mounted on the car.Picture of Aeromotive regulator with everything mounted back up in the car.

GT500 and 2010/2011 Camaro’s in the shop today

2.9 Whipple GT500

Shelby GT500

Today in the shop we’ve got a couple 2010 Camaro’s. One getting our JRE 415 Street Package, which is very popular among the Camaro5 crowd. The other 2010 Camaro getting some minor maintenance work done. We also have this beautiful GT500, this car already has a beautiful 2.9L Polished Whipple Supercharger. Car came to JRE to get Dynatech Full Length Headers and X-pipe, smaller supercharger pulley and a tune by Jannetty Racing. Ted is actually getting ready to dyno this car right now. I was able to go out and snap a couple pictures of it while Nick was strapping it to the dyno, Enjoy!

Jannetty Racing adds Torco to product line

Torco Accelerator now carried by JRE

We are very excited to announce that we are officially the first Torco distributor in Connecticut. Torco has a long historic past with very many accomplishments, including the first to create a 20w-50 racing oil.

We will be stocking the Torco Accelerator Octane Booster (Race Fuel Concentrate). A very unique product that is a true octane booster, the only “real” octane booster on the market.  This product has the ability to take 93 Octane to a staggering 105 octane, allowing enthusiasts to make maximum power on pump fuel. Truly a revolutionary product, we have tested it here at JRE multiple times and make no mistake this product is the real deal.

For more info check out here http://torcoracefuel.net/pro-accelerator.html

Jannetty Racing featured twice on GM Hightech’s Fastest 2010 Camaro in the world list

Don Rainey

"Don Rainey's 2010 Camaro #10 Fastest Camaro in the world"

The staff here at Jannetty Racing just found out this morning we cracked the Top 10 Fastest Camaro in the world list twice! GM Hightech Published this list Fastest 2010 Chevy Camaro’s. To are surprise both Jamie and Don’s car crack the list. Jamie’s car came in at 6th with a time slip of 10.19 @ 130 mph and Don’s car came in at number 10 with a time slip of 10.61@130 mph. All of us here are extremely proud of this accomplishment, as well as being extremely happy for both Jamie and Don. Congrats to the both of them on a fine accomplishment.